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Agile DSDM The SER has committed to working in an ‘Agile’ way. Agile DSDM is a management method suited to new product or service development that is highly flexible and encourages interactivity throughout the project lifetime. A summary document is available in the Documents section of the blog that gives more background on Agile, the Agile lifecycle and the potential benefits of utilising Agile methodology.
Business Transformation Board (BTB)  Formerly known as the Programme and Project Prioritisation Group (PPPG), the Board exists to provide an institutional overview of priority and allocation of resource concerning change proposals and projects.
Consumer Protection Compliance Consumer Protection Legislation (CPL) is a suite of legislation designed to stop unfair commercial practices by ensuring that contracts between consumers and suppliers are fair and transparent.
Equality and Diversity Inclusion Policy The Equality and Diversity Inclusion Policy outlines the responsibility for promoting inclusive environments, which are free from discrimination for our national and international staff; Casual/Bank or temporary workers; students; and anyone associated with the University (e.g. visitors, contractors and service providers)
 eVision The University’s student record system that is used to support all the major stages in the student lifecycle.
SITS The student records management system the University use to store, administer and manage all aspects of student information from initial enquiry and application through to graduation.
Student Information Desk (SID) Formerly known as Enterprise Service Desk (ESD), SID is a web-based service desk solution featuring a component based toolset to effectively manage support across multiple schools, departments and functional areas within an institution.
Subject Matter Expert (SME) SMEs are, in reality, all of us as we are all experts in our own area of work in some way. With specific regard to SER, SMEs will be members of staff chosen to act as expert ambassadors of their business area as they contribute to the work of the SER as a whole.
Tribal  A global provider of products and services to the education sector, Tribal are helping the University deliver the objectives of the SER.


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