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Provide a new enquiry and case management system to integrate with SITS:Vision to help give a holistic view of the student record including general enquiries and sensitive cases.

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2 thoughts on “Student Information Desk

  1. Jane

    I thought yesterday’s demo was great and can only imagine the benefits we’d see with the introduction of a system like this, not only in terms of internal administration but also in terms of the end user (student) experience. I can see this tool making a difference to a number of service areas.

  2. Kate Sayers / Jo Doeg-Smith

    ESD Good News!

    Since ESD went live we are aware there have been a few glitches but we all realise its work in progress! We expect there to be some tweaks required to make it all run smoothly but we are impressed so far and can see how it will all fall into place once these issues are resolved.

    Below are some good points we have gathered from our use of ESD so far…

    • Good replacement for DCN – Quicker than having to send an email and then record the same information on SITS.
    • Easy to use
    • We have had no direct complaints from students
    • FAQ’s being available to students before they contact us will avoid basic, common sense, questions from students.
    • Very well populated with all the enquirer information providing email address etc at the top of each call.
    • Easy to see at a glance how many calls are still outstanding from the summary bar
    • Avoids duplication of work by staff eg. 2 of the same members of staff answering the same email, ESD notifies you that someone else is answering that call.
    • Search Facility to search without having Student ID or enquiry code.
    • All enquiries for each student all held under their own profile making it easy to find a previous enquiry for that student.
    • Emails being harvested to the correct place saves forwarding emails to other places
    • Improved customer service for the students once the process becomes more streamline
    • No need to ask other members of staff who is dealing with specific emails as you can see the call closed or who has dealt with it on ESD.

    Bear with ESD whilst the snags are being fixed – it will all fall into place once everyone is actively using the system!


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