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To build decision-making workflows on the back of submitting applications so they can be processed, monitored and reviewed by relevant staff; provide dashboard facilities for students to track progress of applications; integrate the application process with the Finance general ledger so that fund allocations can take place seamlessly between approved award and financial distribution; and create operational parity of design between current DTG coding and new setup.

Student Funding Administration – Terms & Conditions
Scholarships and Funding Training Video – Student view
Wave 2 Scholarships and Funding Road Map – 2 January 2016
Wave 2 MoSCoW priorities – Fund – 2 Sep 2015

4 thoughts on “Student Funding Administration

  1. Joyce Lapeyre

    I have just been along to a demonstration of the Fund Manager and just want to say from a Student Services point of view the new system is going to be wonderful, I can’t wait. Many thanks to the Fund team for all their hard work, I am looking forward to continuing working with them on this project.

    1. Sunil Hutchin-Bellur

      Hi Joyce,

      That’s great to hear. I’m not sure if anyone fully understood the variety and scope of the funds active around the university when we started! It really is testament to the hard work of Alice, Angela, Gail, Gerardo, Karen, Kathryn and Michele that they have collected and made sense of such a massive volume of data.




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