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Our vision is to provide end users with a more efficient, effective, productive and friendly experience of using, managing and administrating curriculum data. We will achieve this by providing the University a set of electronic tools to enhance access, visibility and management of curriculum data. 


C-View will deliver solutions compliant with the newly introduced Consumer Protection Legislation for Higher Education and other Data Protection and Privacy regulations.  C-View will ensure that mechanisms are put in place to ensure any changes to the curriculum is communicated clearly and in a timely fashion to students and other relevant stakeholders. C-view will deliver easily accessible curriculum information, both in terms of language and location. Every paper-based curriculum documentation produced from development done within C-View will be date-stamped to ensure access to accurate data for any point in time. All areas in C-View that could have Data Protection and Privacy impact have been identified and procedures will be put in place as the project delivers to ensure Data Protection and Privacy.

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