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Student Funding gets even better looking

The Staff View produced by the team on the Fund project has just been improved with enhancements including:

  • application checks
  • committee review
  • invite to interview
  • change of status (accept/reject/reserve)
  • an approver step with sight of budget
  • the ability to send basic system generated emails (in bulk) related to the decision made

If you would like to know more about these improvements, get in touch with the Fund team via the details in the ‘Contact a project team’ section of the blog.

Student Funding Administration

Our Tribal consultant, Stuart Pearce, has been hard at work delivering another three days of further development for the Fund project.  Stuart has improved the Awarding process within the Staff View, added Committee Review workflow, added an Invite to Interview feature AND further progressed the payments functionality! Now follows a lot more testing before more developments at the end of March.

We’re going to need a bigger venue

Using the new system created by the SER’s Fund team, Scholarships and Funding have now sent out emails to nearly 20,000 applicant students advising them about the funding available at the University of St Andrews. That is enough applicants to pack out London’s O2 Arena!

You can stay up to date with Student Funding news on Twitter @STAfunding