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News| Project Management training – Day 2

We all came back to training very keen for the second day. We could already see how we could use our new knowledge from day 1 and were eager to learn more on this second day.

After going through what we did in the first day, we began investigating roles and responsibilities in project management. In the spirit of day 1, we “mind showered” as a group on what we thought essential roles and responsibilities were to ensure a smooth project management and delivery. We then compared these with our on-the-ground experience of SER. We identified what we are already doing well, where we can improve, whether there are significant gaps we need to fill.

Following the “roles and responsibilities” section, we plunged into the tricky issue of “Project Control”. We learned what needs to be recorded and managed to ensure a project is correctly managed. We talked about risks, issues, change control, decisions log and such things. After the theory came the high point of these two days: Caroline Walker (Tribal), who delivered the training, presented us with a one-stop-recording tool, a project management log, fit for SER purposes that all SER project teams will use going into SER Wave 2 and beyond.

The day then wound down with a talk of meetings cycle and reporting within SER.

C-View project launch 21/01/2015

First of all, thanks again to all of you who were able to attend our launch presentation of the C-View project. A big Thank you to the people who volunteered to give their time and input over the duration of the project to help us deliver tools that everybody across the University will be happy to use. I am attaching a pdf of the presentation for those of you who were not able to attend or if you wish to peruse through it again at your leisure. We welcome more feedback and if you wish to be involved in the project, please let us know: leave a comment, e-mail us at or drop in our office (Bute D23).

2015.01.21 – C-View