SER Showcase for Staff – 25 & 27 April 2017

I am writing to announce an opportunity to see and/or interact with the products designed and built by the SER project teams over the past year.  Many of these products are either being used in our live environment or will soon be deployed for use in 2017/18.

Unlike previous SER showcases there will be individual stations with each dedicated to one of the following aspects of student administration:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for visiting days and other campaigns
  • Admissions (applications, decision-making, confirmation of offers, facilities for agents)
  • Scholarships and related fund management
  • Advising
  • Management of requests from changes to student circumstances
  • Management of PGR Thesis Examination administration
  • Student enquiry and case management
  • MySaint portal facilities
  • Graduation registration

In addition, there will be a station dedicated to the range of new tools that have been designed to help manage and publish curriculum information.

All stations will be staffed by colleagues from the project teams and business users so there will be ample opportunity to ask questions or view posters demonstrating the strategic roadmap and benefits of each product.

Invitations are open to all but coffee and tea will be based on responses received by 5 pm on Friday, 21 April.  Please contact Jacqui Ritchie at to confirm attendance or to ask for further information.

The two showcases are identical so we hope to welcome as many staff as possible over the two sessions.

Tuesday 25 April 2017 – 2 pm to 4 pm

Thursday 27 April 2017 – 10 am and 12 noon

Both will be held in the Large Rehearsal Room, Students’ Association (Union)

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