News| The CRM project’s first workshop

CRM 1st workshop

During the workshop, team members thought about the user journey of prospective students from the first time they contacted the University to the point at which they matriculate, including communication from the University to the prospective student. The various points of contact were recorded on sticky notes and stuck to the corresponding part of the journey timeline. They were categorised depending on whether we currently record this contact, whether it is anonymous, and in which direction the communication happens (push or pull). The team also considered what the journey would ideally look like. This allowed the team to see where there are currently gaps in our technology and processes.

Then the team thought about stakeholders and discussed as a group those that might be impacted, either directly or indirectly, by the CRM project.

Following the workshop there was a useful discussion about how to effectively manage our team communications when some team members work remotely and others are frequent travellers to global markets. We came up with the idea of using OneDrive to share and update working documents. This fitted well with the collaborative Agile approach we are taking on this project and throughout the Programme.

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