End of year update – the start of Wave One

It’s nearly Christmas and the SER Programme Team has been finishing the initial stages of its Wave One project work and laying foundations for a good and hopeful start to 2015.

The Wave One projects (Curriculum Approvals – renamed Curriculum View or C-View to take us back to our original overarching plans for providing new and better information about the curriculum portfolio; Enterprise Service Desk (ESD) implementation along with an e-Vision replacement for our in-house DocMan system; and Student Fund Administration) got off to a good start earlier this month after the Purchase Order with Tribal was signed on 25 November.

Tribal colleagues Caroline Walker and Richard Beal have been working in Bute D23/D24 with us in a programme management and project management (respectively) capacity – supporting the new project managers and team leaders and helping to shape the project plans and associated documentation.

Project managers and team leaders have been paired from the business and the core SER Operations Team.  Curriculum View is being overseen by Jane Money Boyd (Project Manager) and Nadege Minois (Team Leader); ESD by Rob Warren (Project Manager) and Claire Doherty (Team Leader); and Fund Manager by Gail Davidson (Project Manager) and Janine Ferguson (Team Leader).  Sammy Stewart is facilitating the business/ITS development of Document Manager.

In addition, a lot of business facilitation has taken place to ensure that Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are fully in the know and involved from the outset of each project.  We will be publishing names and engagements early in the new year so that contributions and contacts are recognised.

On behalf of all the SER Operations Team may I wish everyone who has contributed or shown interest in SER a very Happy Christmas

I look forward to a successful New Year.


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