Last week the SER Operations team attended a 4 day training session on Agile Project Management.  The course is accredited and included both a foundation and practitioner examination (exam results to follow…eeek!)

In Agile projects, the requirements are captured at a high level early on but the detail is allowed to evolve.  Project teams use collaboration and rich communication to understand the lower level detail as the project unfolds. This approach builds change, and innovation, into design and development and has the effect of reducing the cost of change. However, the good practice found in change control is retained so that adjusting the breadth of scope involves formal change requests.

Agile is gaining in popularity because it claims to:

  • focus on what the business sees as important
  • guarantee quality
  • deliver on time
  • deliver on budget

It is hoped that others who become more heavily involved with the SER Programme will also be able to have Agile training.

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