Enterprise Service Desk – demonstration – 12 August 2014

Ken Barrett (Tribal) was in St Andrews yesterday and gave a demonstration of the Tribal solution to case management and enquiry management. This solution – Enterprise Service Desk (ESD) – is a separate software to SITS software but they are fully interfaced.

23 colleagues from ITS, Registry, Student Services and ELT were able to attend this demonstration. There will be another one in September – date/time to be confirmed and I hope that other colleagues from Admissions, Finance and Schools will be able to join us.

It would be good to have some feedback from those who participated yesterday so feel free to comment in response to this thread.

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Tribal clients of ESD as at 13Aug2014

2 thoughts on “Enterprise Service Desk – demonstration – 12 August 2014

  1. Angela Johnston

    I found this very interesting, I can see how this could work very well but a lot of that relies on the initial set-up, which is down to us. It would be helpful to hear how students found the service at other Institutions after ESD was implemented.

  2. Warwick Danks

    I believe the presentation was generally received very favourably by Registry staff. Those of us who had an overwhelmingly bad experience with using Unidesk to field Matriculation email enquiries a few years back were encouraged that ESD appears both to be designed specifically for handling HE enquiries and that it is highly customisable.


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