Feedback Invitation

The summer workshops held in Lean Central have now come to an end. We wish to thank everybody who has inputted in this work.

We invite attendees to the workshops to give us a feedback on their experience of it. Please leave your feedback as a comment to this post.

Thank you.

8 thoughts on “Feedback Invitation

  1. Elsie Johnstone

    I am fully committed to seeing the Student Funding Administration project through to completion. This will have enormous benefits to both students and administrators and is fundamental to the University’s long term future.

  2. Alice Carradice

    The student funding service we currently provide to students and staff is no longer adequate – we have seen evidence of this time and time again. The Student Funding Administration project is essential to solving this.

    On a personal level I know it will make an enormous positive difference to the level of service I can provide.

  3. Alex Bain

    Having taken part in the Lean session on the Student Funding Administration project it is clear to me that this project must happen. If it does, I will be 100% committed to assisting in any way to aid its completion.

  4. Alison Sandeman

    I have been hugely impressed by the high level of engagement in SER from colleagues across the University. The projects will deliver significant benefits. I am very keen that SER moves forward and I will give it my full support.

  5. Donna Pierz-Fennell

    I would like a Student Funding Administration system that will provide all the student (UG + PGR + PGR) information that the School needs to know: who is funded where, until when, and for how much. This project is desperately needed to link up all University information.

  6. Karen Laing

    So excited to be working on this project. There are so many benefits for everyone involved. Really looking forward to what is to come.

  7. Angela Johnston

    (Student Funding Administration) I want this project to get approval because I am proud to work at the University of St Andrews and I want the opportunity to show that we can be the best!

  8. Duncan Stephen

    The University has long needed to change how it works in order to remain relevant for the digital era. I am encouraged to see, at long last, there are signs that the University is ready and able to step up to the plate. Ever to Excel.


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