Dr Alison Sandeman – Assistant Registrar says…………

Over the past four weeks Lean Central has been a hive of activity.  Under the guidance of consultant Steve Bott, and working in partnership with Tribal, colleagues from Schools and central units have been working jointly to agree business process maps for each of the main SER work-streams (Fund, Paperless Admissions, Advising, Change of Circumstances, Curriculum, Collaborations & Study Abroad and the Interactive Workspace Portal).

The level of engagement from colleagues across the university has been excellent.  Endless cups of coffee and limitless supplies of biscuits have undoubtedly helped. Detailed discussions on process requirements are ensuring that everyone has buy-in to the projects.  The work undertaken in June will ensure that project stream scoping and delivery planning can be addressed effectively ahead of the two-year programme starting in September 2014.

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