Broadening SER awareness across the University

We had yesterday (12 June) an extraordinary Advisory Board meeting. The focus was to take opinions from Board members on how our SER summer work was being received/thought of by colleagues. The general feeling was that colleagues have responded positively to our approach so we have decided to extend our invitations to more colleagues to increase the number of people who are aware of our work. We hope it will encourage staff to come forward if they wish to participate in the development of the projects.

We are now in the process of setting up meetings with Finance, Careers, CAPOD, Admissions and Student Services.  In addition, we have extended “meet-and-greet” invitations to School Computing Officers, Admissions Officers and School Administrators.

These meetings will appear shortly in our calendar (see our events page).  We have tried to balance the time we have available with the need to have focused groups.

It goes without saying that anyone interested is welcome to attend any of the sessions!

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