Update – Accommodation Bursaries Interim Solution

Summary Report for Programme Board 5th June 2014

The work on the interim solution work for Accommodation Bursaries is progressing satisfactorily.   Each cohort (entrant undergraduates, entrant postgraduates and returning students) presented distinct requirements and deadlines.  Considering timescales and best use of resource, the differences were significant enough to make a short term single solution unfeasible;  it was decided to reuse existing functionality as follows:

Returning students – an online eVision style of form (project led by Aaron Hussain)

  • Entrant undergraduates – the existing standard scholarship application and selection panel route
  • Entrant postgraduates applied via a pdf application form

Entrant and returning applications are now closed.

Number of applications submitted:

 Returning students                                       249

Entrant Postgraduate                                    354

Entrant Undergraduate                                216

Total applications                                  819

Selection and award processing is on-going for each; interim solution work is now focused on the reporting and payment processes for each of these cohorts.

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